Southern Alberta Support Team for Amateur Radio
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Upcoming Sessions Schedule

Note that the sessions are from 7:00pm - 9:00pm MST (Page last updated 02/01/2021)

Mar 8, 2021:

Topic 1: Basic tools, test gear and skills for the shack – Joel, VE6EI
Topic 2: Introduction to kit building – Joel, VE6EI

Mar 22, 2021:

Topci 1: Introduction to HF DXing – Jerry, VE6TL
Topic 2: QSLing – Paper and Electronic – Jerry VE6TL

Past Sessions

Feb 22, 2021:

Station Grounding – Part 1: Basics – Safety concerns, protection (lightning, surges, power lines, etc.) – Peter, VE6KK
Station Grounding – Part 2: Troubleshooting (RFI, noise reduction, artificial grounds, etc.) – Peter, VE6KK

Presentation Slides in PDF => Station Current Control a.k.a. Grounding_V3c-min.pdf

Feb 8, 2021:

Topic 1: Summits On The Air (SOTA) – Ken, VE6AGR and Joe, VE6JHH
Topic 2: Portable power systems – Dann, VE6TD

January 25, 2021:

This evening was dedicated to amateur radio mobile. Ameer, VA6QAS, talked about what he has done (with pictures) to get on HF, VHF and UHF in his truck. Others joined in and shared their own experiences (and photos) as we attend a roundtable discussion.

January 11, 2021:

Topic 1: “Ham radio in public service and volunteering”. Vince, VE6LK, has years of experience in the field and will talk about what you can do to get involved in your community.
Presentation Slides in PDF => Public_Service_2021-01-11.pdf

Topic 2: “Introduction to emergency communications with amateur radio”. Vince, VE6LK, will be joined by Keith, VA6KL, to talk about how amateur radio can help when faced with local emergencies. Keith is now heading up the local ARES organization (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and will focus on how newer hams can get involved.
Presentation Slides in PDF => Emcomm_2021-01-11.pdf

November 30, 2020:

Topic: Getting on HF - Antennas. Peter Risdahl VE6KK

December 14, 2020:

Topic 1: Introduction to learning CW. Rob, K6RB, teaches CW at the CW Academy and has graciously agreed to speak to our group after chatting with Jim, VE6JF. If you’ve ever thought about learning CW, you don’t want to miss this.

Topic 2: A taste of HF radio without an HF radio. Ameer, VA6QAS, will present a number of options for those without HF radios to either listen through remote radios or to chat with other hams in other parts of the world through a PC or VHF radio.

December 28, 2020:

Topic 1: What are all those buttons and knobs on an HF radio? This was a question asked by one of the SASTAR participants in the first session. Joel, VE6EI, will attempt to provide an easy to understand explanation of what everything does. Knowing that your radio might have two different noise blankers or a fast and slow AGC could be important when faced with certain types of noise. Be sure to have lots of questions for Joel. (PDF of the presentation images here: Buttons & Knobs and New or Used-compressed.pdf)

Topic 2: Choosing a first HF rig. New or used? Joel, VE6EI, will build on the knowledge gained in the first part of the session by suggesting what to look for in buying your first HF rig. Most hams are cheap and want to get on the air for as little as possible. But buying a used rig, especially a vintage one at a low price, might not be the best idea for a beginner. If you’ve narrowed down the choice to a few radios, feel free to ask for advice. We won’t tell you which model to buy but rather, we may ask you questions to see if it meets your needs.(PDF of the presentation images here: Buttons & Knobs and New or Used-compressed.pdf)